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Your students could spend $62 on prep books for the GED, PSAT, SAT and ACT, $20 on a college guide book and $5 on a 12-pack of soda to get ready for college, or they could just hang onto the soda and log onto UtahFutures.org They will get the same college and career readiness information for free.

UtahFutures has free access to more than 800 skill building practice tests, eBooks and college and career prep tests and can even give financial aid advice on how to pay for school. This is nearly quadruple what was previously available, because UtahFutures has a new partnership with Learning Express Library.

The Learning Express Library now available on UtahFutures.org is a comprehensive, online database of practice tests and tutorial courses designed to help students and adult learners succeed on academic and licensing tests. It provides options for improving skills and passing key benchmark tests.

Learning centers are available for elementary through college and graduate levels. Students can improve their math and reading skills, learn computer software programs, prepare for college and graduate degree programs and more.

Learning Express can be located by setting up a portfolio and navigating to academic tests. A single sign on feature links UtahFutures users directly to the Learning Express Library.

Many states have education and career planning tools, but UtahFutures has the largest partnership of education and workforce planning agencies of any state in the country. The partnership will have long-term benefits for Utah students and adults as UtahFutures becomes Utah’s ubiquitous tool for education and career planning and portfolios.