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Electronic High School

  • The Electronic High School has been in operation since 1994 and provides a wide variety of courses to Utah students.
  • The Electronic High School courses have been developed by master teachers and are correlated to Utah core standards and objectives.
  • EHS offers a flexible, open-entry / open-exit curriculum. Students are able to work at their own pace until the class is completed.
  • EHS expects students to complete each class within six months (The one exception is Fitness for Life quarter classes which must be completed in 7 weeks).
  • The courses are rigorous and require dedication by students.
  • The Electronic High School is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.
  • Students who complete courses from the Electronic High School have a course completion certificate mailed to their local school of residence with the grade and credit earned.
  • The Electronic High School is able to grant diplomas to a restricted group of Utah students: those who are home-schooled exclusively, those who have dropped out of school and their class has graduated, and district referrals.
Proctored Finals
  • If you are a student needing a proctored final, please visit the EHS website __here__.
Grading Procedure
  • Once a proctored final has been taken, it is graded by the student’s class instructor.
  • The grade is sent to Olympus High School registrar to be posted on the students transcript