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Utah is Utah's one-stop shop for students to make education and career plans online.

StepUP to Higher Education

Step-By-Step to College Planning

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Utah System of Higher Education
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Step -By-Step Guide to College Planning

Big Future - Video Gallery
College admissions and financial advisors give advice.
Students tell their stories.
College Search, Applying to College, Cost & Financial Aid. College Search, College Life, Majors & Careers.

YouCanGo! By The College Board
Why Go - Student Stories - Your College Options - Find Nearby Colleges - Next Steps

College and Career Readiness Resources

Career Interest Surveys
Career and Technology Education Pathway
Utah System of Higher EducationThe Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority website has prepared a set of resources for students preparing to go to college. The Utah System of Higher Education, with support from Utah Education Network, has created an online guide to college majors offered by Utah higher education institutions.