Miscellaneous Electives


Community of Caring



Community of Caring combines service learning and Peer Leadership Team (PLT) objectives. The class is designed to train students to plan and put into effect school and community service projects. Students will promote positive awareness of social issues within the school. They will identify needs that exist in the community and prepare action plans and projects that address those needs. Students will also engage in forums designed to educate and tutor other students (K-12) in the values of trust, family, responsibility, caring and respect. Students will be required to perform a minimum of 20 hours of service outside the classroom.Teacher signature required: (Mr. Hopkins-116).

Yearbook 1-6

The goal of this workshop course is to plan and produce the school yearbook. Students receive training in lying out a yearbook, setting up group and action pictures, cropping pictures to bring our centers of interest, and rewriting copy and captions to fit copy, block and word count. Teacher signature required: (Mr. Nicoll- 131).

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